A Path Of Spiritual Aging

There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfection.

Wilson Kanadi

A Path of Spiritual Aging was born from my quest to find a modern day rite of passage into elderhood.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross described five stages/patterns of grief in her book On Death and Dying. The five patterns are: denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance. I have found that many people are in denial of their own mortality, stuck at the first stage. Whether someone is stuck due to a conscious choice not to contemplate their own death, or because they have been too busy to have a chance to, the effect is the same.

It is my belief that by doing the work to come to accept one’s own mortality one can live more happily for the time they have left, be that days or years.

A Path of Spiritual Aging is a structure series of purposeful conversations aimed at giving one life skills necessary to living a life of meaning and purpose, especially as one grows in age. It provides encouragement to consciously recognize one’s denial of mortality, ultimately leading to the acceptance of it. It is my belief that the last years of one’s life can be the best years. I prefer a model of continued growth, even in the face of illness and physical decline.

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A Path of Spiritual Aging goes beyond acceptance, adding a celebration of one’s aging, one’s Jubilee. It’s a party, a do-it-yourself modern day rite of passage into elderhood.

Love and hugs!

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